The hunt to find the uncharted globe started in earnest Within the 1500s. On this episode of Sotheby’s Stories, uncover how European explorers took to the seas founding new lands and new species, revealing the true form of the world. Curated by international explorer Jean-Paul Morin, this distinctive assortment of century-old treasures takes us again to when the world and its inhabitants had been being revealed for the primary time.

Provided in Sotheby’s upcoming public sale Jamais Perdu en Mer in Paris on October 14, 2020, Jean-Paul Morin, an avid reader, educated bibliophile and astute collector, has, over the course of a number of a long time, compiled an vital assortment of books, manuscripts, drawings, engravings and Northern American and Oceanic artefacts. This sale is a veritable circumnavigation of the world, crossing North and South America, the Arctic, Antarctica, and Oceania, following within the wake of navigators, explorers, privateers, missionaries, scientists, artists, and anthropologists who crossed the seas from the Renaissance to fashionable occasions to find distant lands.

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